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Breakaway to paradise and rediscover the authentic you at one of our life-changing retreats.

There comes a time in our lives when we start yearning for more. When we realize that there must be more to life than what we have been experiencing so far. A time when we start questioning our current existence, reality, and personal values, and we realize we need to change something in our lives.

It is a beautiful moment of metamorphosis that could change your life and life direction forever, but only if you take action. But in order for your life to change… you need to change.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always have what you always had.”

Albert Einstein
in order for your life to change… you need to change.

But change can be quite a scary thing. Experiencing change is not always an easy thing, It makes us feel uncomfortable and frustrated as we are forced out of our comfort zones of everyday life, but for the lucky few that persevere and embrace the change, it is also the most liberating and life-altering experiences that lead to a fulfilled and happy life.

Our Neuroscience based Life Design & coaching certification retreats has been carefully designed & crafted to create massive internal and external lasting change.  Coupled with the beautiful setting of paradise in the picture-perfect Barra Mozambique, you are guaranteed to rediscover the authentic you and leave the retreat as a completely new and improved version of yourself and ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Most popular retreats

Ignite your Life

6 Day Personal transformation retreat.

Single R15099
PP Sharing R11099  

Life Master Class

3 Day Personal transformation retreat.

Single R10299
PP Sharing R7300

Life Coach certification

7 Day Certification retreat.

Single R19900
PP Sharing R15900 

Your SOLIFE Retreat hosts & facilitators.

Meet Barry & Tams Schutte, founders & pioneers of the School of Life Neuroscience based Life, leadership & personal development institute. 

Barry & Tams Schutte

SOLIFE Founders

Barry is a Neuroscience  Coach, international speaker, author &  world-leading authority on neuroscience-based life design, and has worked with some of the world’s most iconic leaders in creating a ripple of lasting change. His energy, passion, drive, and commitment, coupled with his witty & fun personality made him one of the most sought after global coaches & speakers, and his name is now synonymous with creating lasting change.

Barry Schutte

SOLIFE Founders

Tams is Neuroscience Coach & speaker with a deep-rooted passion for people. Her absolute commitment to getting the outcome no matter what the situation is what makes her one fierce Life design architect. She draws her strength from her past experiences and is driven by an infectious passion that leaves you with no other option but to change. Her free spirit & tremendous love for life makes it impossible to contain to bundle of energy that is known as Tams.

Tams Schutte

SOLIFE Founders

Their passion for creating lasting change was the driving force behind the launch of SOLIFE (School of Life) which soon became one of the biggest Neuroscience Coaching & Life Design institutions on the globe. 

After the huge success of School of Life, Barry & Tams decided it was time to hand over the reins of the day to day management of School of Life and relocate to the SOLIFE Lodge to fulfill their next dream of personal transformation & coaching retreats, and community upliftment & development programs for the people of Barra Inhambane Mozambique.

Coach Barry & Tams

SOLIFE Founders